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MyVaps aims to keep your vaping smartly under control

By Joseph Keller on 16 Jun 2014 02:11 pm

MyVaps is a new connected module to help you control your vaping. A small device that connects to most existing electronic cigarettes, MyVaps will display your vaping habits through a smartphone app. The company has started an Indiegogo campaign in order to get their device off the ground.

The small module fits between the battery and the atomizer of an e-cigarette. It uses the eGo and 510 standard threads in order to be compatible with most brands. There is support for classic-style, pipe-style, and mods. Because it connects to the battery of your e-cigarette, MyVaps doesn't need to be recharged.

My Vaps will have an app for both iOS and Android. You can use MyVaps for everything from monitoring your habits to quitting smoking. Results are provided in real time, with the app displaying how much you vape, how much nicotine you take in per drag, and how many e-cigarettes you've consumed. The app will also have an "Expert Mode" to display electrical data, such as tension, current, and resistance. MyVaps can also offer a number of programs to reduce your addiction to nicotine, and help you quit smoking.

MyVaps hopes to ship its first units to Indiegogo backers this December. Does the MyVaps module appeal to you, and will you be backing them? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: MyVaps on Indiegogo

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MyVaps aims to keep your vaping smartly under control