This is the Neptune Pine helmet mount

By Adam Zeis on 10 Mar 2014 11:47 am

We weren't quite sure just what other fun stuff would be available for the Neptune Pine in addition to the standard band, but one cool accessory turned up on Twitter today

Seen above is the Neptune Pine helmet mount - a GoPro-esque accessory that will let you mount the Neptune Pine unit to a helmet (or other things too, we'd assume). We didn't see this one coming but it does make for some fun ideas.

No other details to go along with it however, but we do love that the folks at Neptune Pine keep teasing the goods. We should see the first units shipping in just a few weeks, so hang in there!

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Reader comments

This is the Neptune Pine helmet mount


This is why I like the Pine. Not that I want a helmet cam, but the pop out form factor makes for lots of options and easy typing on that wide screen. Unfortunately it is too big for me to use as a watch except for rare occasions.