Brains meets beauty

Have you ever been at three percent battery life and fought with your friends or significant other over who gets to charge their phone on the drive? This dual-port car charger will resolve that issue and also find your car for you. How awesome is that?

Double down

The Zus Car Charger is an award-winning smart car charger that is twice as fast and twice as smart as your run-of-the-mill charging devices.

Zus can charge your devices in just half the time it takes other chargers, but more amazingly, it can also tell you exactly where you parked...every lot, every time (except underground lots because the app needs a signal to relay your location).

The Zus app is a god-send. Just open it up, and follow the arrow to find your car. It tells you how many more feet you have to go before you reach your car, and it even logs your park time. You can share your parking location with family members who might be finishing up shopping while you relax in the car. The app also allows you to set up a parking meter alert so you get a warning before you run out of time and get ticketed.

Zus Car Charger


The Zus Car Charger is an award-winning smart, dual-port car charger that can boost your devices in half the time and tell you exactly where you parked.

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Ease of use

Its slick design turns the charger into an elegant addition to the interior of your ride, and its shine lighting system makes it easy to spot and plug devices into one or both of the USB charging ports, even at nighttime. No more fighting with the charger or flipping it around to plu the end in properly.