Three is NOT a crowd

Flyte socks is an ingenious Kickstarter campaign that nullifies one of life's great mysteries, "Where the heck did that matching sock go?"

A spare with every pair

Do you have a favorite pair of socks? Ones that seem extra cozy when you put them on? Maybe they're more breathable, maybe they have an awesome pattern, or maybe you don't get too much toe lint when you wear them (no judging)? It is devastating when you lose a matching sock, so Flyte packs a spare one with every pair they sell!

Flyte Socks

Reinforced heels and toes help your socks last longer.


The wonderfully comfortable bamboo socks from Flyte come with a spare sock with every pair so you never have to track down a missing sock again!

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Stinky feet now improved!

Flyte socks are made with soft, bamboo fibres which feel great and help keep your feet cool. They are naturally resistant to odors (no more stinky feet), virtually seamless for maximum comfort, and have reinforced heels and toes so you don't have to walk around filled with shame and holey socks.

Best of all, they come in ridiculously awesome colors and patterns. Add some personality to your typical dress pants by pairing them up with a trio of Flyte socks!