Guard dogs fall asleep. Use a Canary.

Canary is the complete home security system you can set up yourself. Simply place a canary on a shelf or counter counter, connect it to the internet, and you can monitor your home from anywhere using your phone or tablet.

Connect your Canary

If you live in a home, wiring your own security system is no small task. If you're renting, you don't want to invest in expensive equipment you're going to leave behind in a few months or years. Canary is a great option if you want to be alerted only on an as needed basis.

Canary's sleek form hides some powerful tech. It's HD video camera is so good you'll have a nice clear picture to show the cops if anyone busts into your home. Canary's motion sensor can detect when something is not right at your home and will shoot you a text. Use the Canary app to tap into the devices camera and have a look around for yourself. If something is strange, you can activate Canary's shriekingly loud 90+dB siren or make a direct call to the police station, fire hall, or EMS closest to your home.

Canary Security System


Canary is a simple, smart, all-in-one home security option for keeping tabs on your house while you're on the go.

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Keeping one eye open

Canary doesn't have contracts, monthly fees, or complicated installation. You can pair multiple devices to monitor extra areas in your home, or monitor a Canary at your cottage and your home using the same app. Canary can also connect with your smart thermostat, smoke alarms, and other devices so you'll always know that things are A-OK back at home whether you're on a grocery run or halfway around the world.