See Spot Run. OMG, where'd Spot go? Spot! Come Back!

We love our pets and we don't want anything to happen to them. Never fear about taking your dog off leash or letting your cat roam around when they're wearing a Whistle.

The smart Whistle

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is a smart collar that will always allow you to keep track of your pets. Just Sync your Whistle to the smartphone app. Attach it to your pet. And stop stressing! It's a terrible feeling when you come home and can't find your dog or cat. Set up a customizable safe area (your house, your backyard, your neighbourhood) and you'll receive a text alert if your pet goes outside of the area. Fire up the app and you'll be able to track your pet's exact location!

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle is a GPS pet tracker allowing you to monitor your pet from your phone.


Whistle is a GPS pet tracker and syncs with an app so you will always know where your cat or dog is!

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Follow your pet everywhere

Whistle is waterproof and rugged so it can go anywhere your pet does. You can monitor their activity level on the app to ensure they're getting enough exercise. In order to be able to find your pet anywhere, Whistle DOES require a cellular connection and service plan, which means you'll be paying a small monthly fee. You can sync multiple Whistle monitors to one home base, which ensures every furbaby in your home never strays too far.