Apple also had big news today about the previously rumored and anticipated 4th generation Apple TV. It has been quite a while since we saw an upgrade to the Apple TV, and Tim Cook said its time for TV to move forward in innovation. They believe that innovation involves Apps. The new Apple TV is a lot more powerful than before featuring the 64-bit A8 processor. This new CPU allows more processing of impressive and immersive apps and games. The built-in App Store will offer Apple and third-party software. Apple hopes to grow that collection even more by offering the new tvOS platform and its tools to developers. All your iPad and iPhone games will also work on the Apple TV and allow it to serve as a lot more than just a NetFlix and iTunes streaming device.

The new Bluetooth remote acts like a gaming controller and allows you to enjoy some casual gaming. It features a new glass touch surface that gives quick scroll control of your content. The build in accelerometer and gyroscope will also offer ultimate possibilities for future apps and games. The remote will last up to three full months before needing a battery top-up using its Lightning cable.

The new device also features Siri, and her personal assistance to help you talk to your TV like never before. You can now find and discover content by asking for simple suggestion. Ask Siri to show you all the movies made by your favorite actor or actress, or just simply ask for a certain genre based on the year. The system seems endless with possibilities to discover whatever you may want. The OS will scan popular streaming services such as iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime and tell you where it's available. While watching TV, you can also continue to use Siri to get updates on things such as weather or sports scores.

One of the new apps previewed by Apple to showcase the processor was the MLB.TV app. It will allow streaming in 60 frames per second as well as side by side playback of two live games. You can also check stats and scores from around the league while continuing to watch. The NHL Game Center version is coming in 2016. Beyond TV and Gaming, the new Apple TV will also allow consumers to shop from their TV. Apple brought out the company Gilt to demonstrate how owners will be able to shop directly from the device, and other services such as Airbnb have an app.

The new Apple TV will come in both 32 and 64GB versions and they will be priced at $149 or $199 respectively. It will be available in October.

Check out the official Apple TV press release to learn more