New light fixture combines OLED tech with Qi wireless charging

By Rich Edmonds on 18 Sep 2014 09:03 am

Lighting fixtures have also come a long way, especially when we look at how advances have been made from the simple bulb sitting to thinner and more energy efficient, longer lasting LED setups. One company plans to change that with the new Aerelight. This OLED-based (Organic LED) fixture comes with a single feature that will blow smartphone owners away - wireless charging. The only downside is the cost, with pre-orders setting early adopters back by $239.

Should you own a compatible smartphone (most Lumia Windows Phones and some Android smartphones), it's possible to not only utilize this new product as a light fixture, but also as a wireless charging station for supported devices. Implementing Qi technology, Aerelight will also eliminate the extra cable required for device charging, which makes it quite the investment for those tight on space and socket capacity. There's also no bulb, in fact the actual OLED panel is built into the stand.

The anodized aluminum frame also responds to touch, for rather intuitive power and dimming controls without the need to ruin the design with bulky switches or dimmer wheels. A really nice addition and yet another piece of evidence illustrating just how much attention to detail has been shown by the team.

So, all-in-all we're looking at an expensive smart light. But would you look to add one to your home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Find out more over on the Aerelight website.

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New light fixture combines OLED tech with Qi wireless charging