Self balancing scooters and hoverboards have been getting a lot of attention in recent years. Many tech bloggers and celebrities have been showing off their two wheel balancing scooters and calling them "mini segways", but now the company behind the real Segway has launched their official mini version.

Chinese powerhouse Xiamoi is a major investor in Ninebot, the company who recently purchased Segway. Now they have released their first product since the purchase, and it's called the Ninebot Mini. It looks very similar to the original Segway but in a shrunken down version, and a lot like the so-called knockoff version but with bigger wheels and better ground clearance. It does boast some impressive specs, as it can help a rider (depending on weight) ride up to 10 miles (16 km) per hour. It will also go for up 13.6 miles (22 km) on a single battery charge before running out of juice, and best of all it will retail for around $315 USD. Sadly so far only a November 3rd launch in China has been announced.

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