Samsung has started to accept pre-orders for their next generation SmartThings Hub. It will be equipped with a new AppEngine, which will mean that much of the processing that was previously done on the cloud, can now be done locally. This will result in much faster response times on your automation. There is also a built-in backup battery power, something that will allow automation continue to operate even if the power or internet go down. There's also a new more powerful processor. The new hub is available for pre-order for $99 on Amazon or from SmartThings.

There will also be a new line of their sensors. The SmartSense Motion and SmartSense Multi sensors will all get new smaller versions that will be one-third the size of first-generation versions. The new SmartSense Presence sensor features a more durable and compact plastic enclosure.

More on those later.

Pre-Order the new Samsung SmartThings Hub / $ 99.00