Single-handedly changing how we see time!

A new Kickstarter campaign is changing the way we look at time. Literally. The Today clock drops the the minute hand from your timepiece creating a more balanced flow for your day.

Time out

The way we measure time also affects the way we measure life. That's the belief of Scott Thift the designer of the single-handed Today clock. His new clock design uses a single hand to measure the passing of a day in an attempt to get us to stop worrying about counting every second and watching the minutes tick by. Living with the today clock changes your perception of time, giving you a calmer approach to fitting everything into your day.

Today Wall Clock

Today is available in a five and eleven inch sizes. The eleven inch comes in two finishes.


The Today clock has a single hand that completes a rotation every 24 hours.

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Changing Times

The single hand on the today clock makes a complete rotation every 24 hours. The clock is shaded in a gradient representing different times of day. The light blue at the top takes you from noon through midday. The mid-section of the clock fades to mauve as the sun sets and ultimately a dark purple at night. The colors warm up as the sun rises until you're back to noon of the next day. Each clock is made from bamboo and can run for up to three years on just two double A batteries. Available in three models, the Today clock changes the feel of passing time in any room it hangs.