LittleBits' newest module brings the cloud to your custom widgets

By Derek Kessler on 23 Jul 2014 01:07 pm

The magnetically-attaching circuit boards of LittleBits are connecting now to the cloud with the new CloudBit module. LittleBits works by modularizing the various components that go into building an electronic device, allowing tinkerers to snap together a custom 'board', apply some programming, and make things happen. The CloudBit module adds long-awaited network connectivity to the mix with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g.

True to the modular LittleBits spirit, even the components of the CloudBit are modular with the Wi-Fi being provided through a tiny USB adapter. What makes CloudBit truly special though, is the newly-announced integration with IFTTT. With modules that measure motion, brightness, sound, pressure, temperature, and more (plus just modules a long list of buttons, switches, and dials), LittleBits can take a wide array of inputs, feed them into IFTTT, and then trigger a wide array of actions from the ever-growing list of supported services.

The CloudBit module itself is $59 from the LittleBits store, though you can get it as part of the new Cloud Start Bundle for just $99 (discounted from $165).

With LittleBits now connected to the cloud, what might are you imagining tinkering together? Be sure to check out our LittleBits Forum and join in the discussion!

Source: LittleBits; Via: Wired

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LittleBits' newest module brings the cloud to your custom widgets

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Less features than RPi and twice as much? Doesn't make sense to me. Would be much more feasible if it was $15-$20.
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