iRobot has released the new Roomba 980 vacuum cleaning robot. It is iRobot's first cloud-connected vacuum and is fully controllable with iRobot's new "HOME" App. The new HOME App allows you to connect to your Roomba anywhere in the world and tell it to start cleaning with a single tap on the app. You can even schedule cleanings at times you know you won't be home, and adjust how many passes you want your Roomba to make in a certain area of your home.

The Roomba 980 uses a new iAdapt 2.0 Navigation system that can map your entire home and adapt to clutter and furniture to give your home a thorough cleaning. By creating visual landmarks on its map, the 980 will always know where it is and where it needs to go. Stairs are not a problem, and the 980 can detect them and stop itself before it flies down a flight. It will also clean for up to two hours then drive itself to its recharging dock and resume cleaning once all charged up. Trying getting your kids to be that efficient at cleaning!

Among the other new features, the Roomba 980 will automatically detect when it's on carpet or rugs and increase its power to clean where the dust and dirt may hide.

Staying ahead of daily dust and dirt, however, won't be cheap. The new Roomba 980 retails for $899.99

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