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New Matter aims to bring professional design and affordable 3D printing into your home

By Simon Sage on 28 May 2014 09:11 am

An easy-to-use, affordable 3D printer named MOD-t has hit Indiegogo for crowdfunding today, and is already enjoying a ton of popularity. The current early bird special offers the full kit for $149, while the final retail price will sit at $249. Though a low pricetag goes a long way to bringing 3D printing to the masses, the developer, New Matter, and their design partner, Frog, are going to equally great lengths to create make the printing process simple and accessible.

A lot of the focus on that front is through their desktop and mobile apps, which will showcase a curated store of designs which users can purchase, preview, and edit before printing. Meanwhile, designers get to make money by selling their blueprints. The MOD-t online catalog will show off finished products shared by other users, and show plenty of information about the designer that cooked it up.

The printer itself moves the building platform along two axes, leaving the extruder stationary. Casing will be available in black and white, enabling it to fit in just about anywhere around the house. The MOD-t should be shipping sometime in between February and May 2015. Any takers? Get backing MOD-t at Indiegogo before those early bird specials run out.

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New Matter aims to bring professional design and affordable 3D printing into your home


wow, that is one ugly necklace!

I think it is still too soon to introduce 3D printing on a mass market scale, unless there's a huge demand for tiger head coat hangers that I'm not aware of...

It's cool that it should be that cheap, but if the "ink" is as expensive as printer ink is, the 3d printer revolution will be without me.

Many fine-scale modelers are watching these developments closely. I can think of many uses for creating one-offs at 1:160 scale.

I'm in agreement with others though... the printing substrate cartridges need to be affordable to make this work. Pulling the same stunt that Canon/HP/Epson do for InkJet Ink isn't going to fly with me.

This is awesome. But I think the pen one (forgot that 3D printer I saw in Kickstarter) is more wickedly awesome.

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This is definitely interesting, and hopefully over time things will expand to a larger scale...which will generate more interest from the masses.

I like the idea but lets face it it's far from hospitals printing new hip joints to the common household. Firstly the majority of people want things ready done and finished, this would entail not just printing it of but brushing it down and painting it maybe in some way or another like is shown on the video. This is where quality comes in and the lack of enthusiasm by the general user stops. Then there's the cost of the refill, will it be cheaper to
A: buy a design print it off paint it.
B: go to the shops and buy something that does the same think thats mass produced.
A lot of if's and buts for the home market yet if you ask me.

Sounds like an awesome deal, but I can imagine the material it needs to print is very expensive, and if I understand correctly, you have to pay for every design. But my god, this is tempting.