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Apple reportedly focusing on fitness tracking in iWatch, iOS 8

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2014 05:51 pm

Some exciting info has popped up today in regards to iOS 8 and Apple's much rumored iWatch. According to 9to5mac, the iWatch may very well be leaning toward the fitness tracker route, more than that of "just" a smartwatch. It looks like iOS 8 may be leading with health and fitness tracking integration which means that an iWatch accessory would make for a perfect pair.

An iOS 8 app codenamed Healthbook would be capable of monitoring and storing fitness stats like steps, calories burned, miles walked and even track weight loss. Beyond that, Healthbook would be able to monitor vital stats like blood pressure and hydration levels. 

The wearable iWatch would have various sensors that would tie into Healthbook and provide the app with all of the necessary information — and also meaning it would be very reliant on the users iPhone. 

Of course take this for what it's worth as we'll certainly see plenty of rumors between now and the fall when the iWatch is said to launch. Hit up the link below for more.

iWatch + iOS 8: Apple sets out to redefine mobile health, fitness tracking

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Apple reportedly focusing on fitness tracking in iWatch, iOS 8

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This only makes logical sense.

Think about it.. All of Apple's products tend to be "unisex". There isn't a boy iPhone or girl iPhone.. it's an iPhone.

Whe it comes to "watches"... such as most of the smartwatches we have seen to date, they tend to cater more to the masucline side. I think whatever Apple's iWatch is, it needs to cater to both men and women in one design. I can't see them doing a mens and women's watch.

And if they're going to cater to both men and women, you start to enter into the territory of something more "band" like... which is what most of our fitness trackers today target.  Fuel Band, Fitbit.. the colors may vary for more of a man / woman feel, but the design doesn't change.

So I can see Apple going a similar route, and making fitness a big part of it makes sense as you go into that sort of a functional, unisex design.