New versions of Roku 2 and 3 set-top TV boxes include voice search and more

Roku 3
By John Callaham on 6 Apr 2015 10:44 am

New versions of the Roku 2 and 3 set-top TV boxes are now available. The Roku 3, priced at $99.99, now has voice search features thanks to a new and enhanced remote control that adds a headphone jack and motion control for playing games. This makes the Roku 3 similar to Amazon's Fire TV, which has had voice search since it launched in April 2014.

The Roku 2, priced at $69.99, now has been upgraded "to match the speed and the performance of the new Roku 3" but without the capabilities of the new enhanced remote control. In addition, a software update for all currently supported Roku devices is now rolling out that will add some new features. The company stated:

The Roku Feed lets consumers know when favorite entertainment becomes available to stream — and at what price. Roku is debuting the feature with the Movies Coming Soon, which can be found under the 'My Feed' tab on the TV's home screen. Consumers simply "Follow" popular in-theater movies they are interested in and Roku will deliver automatic updates in the future as relevant streaming information about the movie becomes available. Consumers will receive updates in the Roku Feed when a movie is first released to streaming, becomes available from additional streaming channels or changes price.

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New versions of Roku 2 and 3 set-top TV boxes include voice search and more