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Nike+ connects your sweat to Withings and IFTTT

Nike+ connects your sweat to Withings and IFTTT
By Derek Kessler on 22 Jul 2014 01:05 pm

Nike is slowly but surely opening up their Nike+ platform, with integrations today being announced for both the Withings smart scale and automation service IFTTT. The move expands the reach of the Nike+ ecosystem, FuelBand, and your NikeFuel points far beyond the app and Nike+ web service.

The integration with Withings is simple. If you have a Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 or a Wireless Scale WS-30 along with a Nike+ FuelBand SE, your fuel points from the previous day will be displayed on the scale's screen. Weigh yourself in the morning and see how your activity from yesterday affected your weight today.

The IFTTT integration is much more interesting. By tying the two services together you can trigger any one of a thousand responses based on the other services you have tied into IFTTT. Right now the Nike+ inputs into IFTTT are limited to just reaching of daily or weekly goals in NikeFuel, distance, and pace, though it's very easy to imagine greater integration down the line (your FuelBand-wearing author would love a "get off your lazy butt" inputs for failing to reach the various points towards my daily FuelPoints goal by certain times).

With Nike+ expanding the reach of their products into other services, what else would you like to see connected?

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Nike+ connects your sweat to Withings and IFTTT

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