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Nomadkey brings Pebble charging without the long, tangled cables

By Jared DiPane on 25 Mar 2015 11:57 am

The Pebble features great battery life which often leaves us without a charger when we most need one, but not anymore thanks to NomadKey. This portable Pebble smartwatch charger attaches to your keychain, allowing you to carry it around with you on the go. Having seven-day battery life on the Pebble is great, until you forget that it hasn't been charged for six days when you leave the house without a charger. Since Pebble has a specialized charging connector it isn't like you can just bust out a micro-USB cable and give it some juice, but by adding just a single keychain you can solve this problem.

The concept here is quite simple, one end is USB plug, the other the original Pebble charger. Next to the charger is an opening in the plastic which is where it can attach to your keys, and that is pretty much it. Unfortunately this will only work on the original Pebble and not the Pebble Steel, though Nomad is said to be working on a version for the upcoming Pebble Time.

Priced at $19.95, this handy little charger is nice and compact, and can be a great addition to your key ring if you are a Pebble owner.

Source: Nomad; Via: Gizmodo

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Reader comments

Nomadkey brings Pebble charging without the long, tangled cables


Not bad. I hate proprietary connectors.

Better yet, how about a little battery to stick on. Would just be easier to charge a little battery via USB and then stick it to Pebble rather than messing with the wire. I always unplug the proprietary wire when not in use because I don't like the exposed contacts that could short my charger.

There should be a dock stand for Pebble Time with standard micro USB jack.