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Normal's custom 3D printed earphones are anything but normal

Normal earbuds
By Derek Kessler on 8 Jul 2014 09:40 am

Every ear is different, and that fact is what's Normal and their custom 3D-printed headphones. While others, like Shure, have worked for years to make expensive custom-molded earphones that fit you perfectly, sound amazing, and empty your wallet, Normal's aiming to do it all with an app and a 3D printer.

The app works quite simply: take a photo of both of your ears, submit it, and Normal will take that and create a 3D-printed addition to the speaker portion that's meant to fit your ear "like a damned glove." And in a color of your choosing, at that. To make sure they get the sizing right, you'll have to hold a quarter up by your ear as you take the photo — it'll be awkward, for sure, but we're talking about getting headphones that fit your head with precision.

Apart from the custom 3D-printed portion of the Normal earphone, the headphones appear to be a decent set of mid-to-high-end ear buds, clocking in at $199 and offering such auditory niceties as a machine aluminum housing and 14mm neodymium driver.

Normal's taking pre-order now, and their ear-photo-snapping app is available for both iPhone and Android. The 3D printing process will be accomplished in New York City, starting in August 2014, and Normal is even inviting customers to step in to their factory and have their headphones made on the spot.

And yes, the video is bizarre. At least they've got a sense of humor.

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Normal's custom 3D printed earphones are anything but normal