Keep an eye on the clock. You can't help it.

Nuvirtron has taken some old school technology to make some incredible-looking clocks. Their latest model of the Postmodern Nixie has arrived just in time.

Timeless elegance

Available in three finishes, Nuvitron's Postmodern Nixie clocks will function as much more than a timepiece in your home, they're a stylish decor element. The gentle orange glow is created by cold-war era tubes originally earmarked for military applications. These are the same types of tubes that could have been in old radios, televisions, and amplifiers. The tubes in Nixie Clocks are all brand new and have been harvested and enclosed in lacquered, wooden, beauty to create some of the most unique clocks around.

Nuvitron Postmodern Nixie


Nuvitron uses retro tube technology to display the time of day.

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Hand-crafted beauty

Each wooden case for the Postmodern Nixie takes about 30 hours for an artisan to craft. About six hours goes into assembling the tubes and cases together before it's ready to be shipped to its owner. Nutviron's Nixie Clocks introduce old technology to timeless style.