Nyrius' new smart LED bulbs are only $39

Nyrius has announced an all-new smart LED bulb which costs just $39 per bulb. The new smart LED bulbs can create various ambiances, while reducing energy and providing hours of entertainment. As for the design, its nothing we haven't seen before, a simple sleek profile that blends into any room and fits in most sockets. Set up is dead simple, all you have to do is screw in the bulb and pair it with a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. Some of the features the bulb includes are:

  • Displaying various color options to reflect and lift a user's mood, such as purple to relax, orange to encourage exercise or blue to help increase concentration.
  • Setting a daily lighting schedule that prompts lights to turn on or off at certain times. Ideal for vacations or long nights away from home, this setting deters theft, creating the illusion a user's home is not empty. This setting helps reduce energy cost, allowing users to dictate when, and for how long, lights will be in use.
  • Acting as an alarm clock, users can set lights to fade in as their wake-up time approaches, easing them into a peaceful and energizing start to the day.
  • Call alert setting conveniently prompts lights to flash green when a user receives a phone call, ensuring calls never go missed.
  • Sync lights with any playlist to create an instant dance party. Creating a vibrant atmosphere, this setting will have users simultaneously dancing to beats and lights.
  • Grouping allows users to control up to eight connected Smart LED Bulbs at once, empowering them to control nearly every light in a home or business setting.

As for the companion app, it is available both on iOS and Android as a free download. You can get started with Nyrius' smart LED bulbs in your own home for just $39.

Purchase the Nyrius smart light bulb for $39