A smart idea for smart kids!

When you were a kid did you remember to do your chores all of your chores? Probably not. However, if they had smartwatches when you were a kid, maybe it would've made things like taking out the garbage or brushing your teeth a lot more fun! The Octopus is the kid-friendly wearable that makes day-to-day tasks awesome!

Plan ahead

Kids love routine. In fact adults do too. The problem for many parents is trying to get kids into a routine. But what if there was some kind of tech that tricked kids into getting a routine on their own? In fact, it could make them WANT to do routine stuff like sit down for lunch, get ready for bath time, or clean their room. The Octopus uses icons and vibrations to remind kids when it's time to do things during the day. It's a fun way for children to gain independence and feel in control of their day.

The Octopus


The Octopus is a Kickstarter campaign for a kid-friendly wearable. Parents program in daily tasks and reminders and kids get notified when it's time to do them!

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Watch them learn

Parents can program the Octopus with any of 600 pictures so kids have a clear visual reminder whenever it's time to do stuff. For kids as young as three this might be basic stuff like nap time, but for kids who are eight, parents might set a reminder to get ready for piano lessons, or softball practice, or to make lunches for school the next day! This means the Octopus grows up with kids, teaching them independence!

The Octopus is made from tough materials for active kids. It's a fun way to help kids (and parents) keep on top of all the things fitted into a busy schedule.