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Official Pebble Steel videos

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jan 2014 02:02 pm

Pebble has officially announced the all new Pebble Steel, and to go along with the launch they've dropped some promo videos as well. The first promo shows off the Pebble Steel in all its glory — from the Gorilla Glass right down to the tactile metal buttons. The second video is a bit cheekier and plays on the idea of getting dressed up with the Pebble Steel. 

Take the videos for a spin then hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Official Pebble Steel videos


+620. I much prefer the pebble design over the rest, Agent (which is heavily invested in Windows Phone 8 platform), Kreyos, etc... I wear a suit daily to the office as an IT Analyst in a law firm and the steel series would not look out of place in that environment. Plus, you know your IT is serious about technology when his watch is an extension to his smart phone ;)

Daniel mentioned that they are coming to Windows Phone though once the new Update is released for Windows Phone. We do have very limited options for now. You can read everything here:

Good things are to come.