Bring back the blankie

If you're feeling a Netflix and chill kinda night coming on, up your lounging game with an insanely comfy and stylish quilt. Ohhio is making a lazy night in look more inviting than ever.

Be a blanket hog

The wonderful world of Etsy brings introduces us to a little shop in Kiev, Ukraine, called Ohhio, which makes quilts inspired by your favourite chunky sweater. Above all else, a blanket needs to be cozy.

Each Ohhio blanket is hand-knitted using the warmest wool in the world from Merino sheep. These sheep live in climates so extreme that any other sheep would freeze to death in the winter, but Merino sheep are toasty thanks to their wool. In the summer, these sheep are sheared, and this winter wool is gathered and spun to make these crazy, cozy, blankets just for you!

Ohhio blankets


Ohhio blankets use Merino wool to create cozy, beautiful quilts.

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When it looks great it feels great

Besides being cozy, this quilts look hella cool. Available in a cascading pallet of colors you can be sure to choose the best-looking quilt for your great room, bed, or wherever you like to cozy up. With multiple sizes available, Ohhio will the quilt that will be become your new favorite blanket.