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The Olio Model One is a slick and stylish smartwatch starting at $595

Olio Model One
By John Callaham on 26 Mar 2015 12:41 pm

A new start up company, Olio Devices, has just launched pre-orders for a limited run of its first product, the Olio Model One. It's a very slick looking smartwatch that's compatible with the iPhone and Android smartphones, with prices beginning at $595.

Olio Devices is headed up by CEO Steve Jacobs, who previously worked in product design for companies like Apple, HP, Beats by Dre, Google, and Amazon. In terms of its construction, The Olio Model One sound like it has been made to both look good as well as handle a lot of abuse. The company says:

The Model One cases are made from 316L stainless steel, cold-forged 9 times for hardness, milled, then hand finished with a fine hairline texture and mirror-polished highlights. The front and rear crystals are created using our custom guilloché texturing process on ion-exchange glass, to result in best-in-class impact and scratch resistance.

Like many smartwatches, the Olio Model One has been designed to handle messages and notifications from smartphones, but Olio Designs says it can handle even more with a feature called Olio Assist. It states:

Olio Assist is a cloud-based personal assistant that is solely focused on saving you time. It develops an understanding of your preferences, considers your current context, and offers insightful suggestions that let you stay focused on what matters most in the moment.

The battery life of the Olio Model One is suppose to last up to two days. The company is currently taking reservations for a limited run of 500 stainless steel watches for the price of $595, along with 500 black steel watches priced at $745. The first units are supposed to ship to those customers sometime this summer.

Source: Olio Devices

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The Olio Model One is a slick and stylish smartwatch starting at $595

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