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Omate X scales back the features and goes for stylish

Omate's new smartwatch isn't as smart, but it looks good
By Derek Kessler on 20 Aug 2014 01:47 pm

Omate's first smartwatch was a full-blown Android device on your wrist, but their second is dialing back the features in favor of something that's affordable and stylish. The Omate X, first teased just yesterday, trades in the Android OS of its TrueSmart predecessor for a more notifications-from-your-smartphone focused design. It is, as Omate calls it, a "companion smartwatch".

Unlike the first outing with its rounded rubberized plastic body, the Omate X turns on the fashion with a styling aluminum case and leather strap. There's no denying that the X looks worlds better than the TrueSmart.

As far as features are concerned, Omate's being a little coy on what the Omate X will support. The released images show a curved touch panel display with two buttons one one side. As for software, the Omate X will offer clock faces, voice controls, music controls, notifications, weather, and more. There's even a microphone and speaker embedded in the 11.2mm-thick body. Omate says the watch will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices and have a 7-day battery life (which compares quite favorably to its competition, including the Pebble Steel.

What is most surprising, though, is the price. Omate's pricing the Omate X at a mere $129. Though it seems to be seriously scaling back the functions of its predecessor and even ducking under what simpler smartwatches like Pebble can do, the Omate X still seems to be bringing a lot to the table for a very reasonable price.

Of course, we'll see for sure when it actually releases, and pre-orders are set to begin until the 1st of September. Until then, what do you think of the new Omate X?

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Omate X scales back the features and goes for stylish


I will admit that one of the 2 things keeping me from diving into the smart watch arena is the lack of style. I have a "decent" collection of watches of various price ranges, but they all have one thing in common....they look nice!

If anyone is curious the 2nd thing holding me back is a watch that offers Blackberry 10 compatibility of "useful & functional features".

The style is great but all these little guys are gonna get run over in the long run by Android Wear. This has a great outer look (would love to see one turned on) and it is not like they have to pay for Wear...

Should have been Android Wear. I honestly don't see any point in getting a smartwatch that runs on anything else.

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Do not under any circumstances buy anything from Omate. They launched a Kickstarter campaign promised a True smart watch gave impressive specs then once they had the backers money they dumped an inferior defective watch on us. Mine lasted 3 weeks before it became a paperweight. Omate has ignored the complaints from numerous backers including me. No refund, no replacement, no repairs. They didn't even tell us about the downgrades for the watch, we found out by ourselves. Take a look on Kickstarter comments for Omate or look it up on Wikipedia. They are also an internet only company so pressing charges is next to impossible without an address - I have spent several hours trying.

Not that you want to hear this, but the address is in the terms and conditions

18/F, Science & Technology Development Institute of China,
Hi-Tech South Road 1, South Section,
Hi-Tech Science and Technology Park,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518000,

Could be tough....