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Omate X teaser sees a new smartwatch taking on Pebble Steel

Omate X poised to take on the Pebble Steel
By Derek Kessler on 19 Aug 2014 12:03 pm

Omate is teasing a new smartwatch for September, and it looks like a metal body version of the current OmateTrueSmart. Omate's original design was something more friendly, with its rounded edges, big buttons, and a silicon strap. This new Omate X teaser, it looks like something designed to take on the Pebble Steel, with a brushed metal casing and leather strap.

There's not much more to say about this more grown-up version of the Omate, except for its price: $129. If that price holds true, the Omate X would be drastically undercutting the Pebble Steel (itself $249). Heck, it undercuts the older plastic-bodied Pebble too. Omate will offer early orderers an additionally discount, bringing the price down to $99 in the first five days with the coupon code of "LUTETIA".

Do you think Omate can deliver on such a promise: a metal-bodied smartwatch at an affordable price? We'll find out more soon, we suppose.

Source: Engadget

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Omate X teaser sees a new smartwatch taking on Pebble Steel


I doubt, that the X can compete with the pebble. At fist, I don't think that the X will have an e-ink-display. LCD seems to me more likely. If this is the case the X won't have an allways-on-display. The omate truesmart has big problems with switching on via gesture and even if omate can solve this (or omate finaly provieds an own solution for an gesture wakeup and does not rely on third-party developers, like they do with the truesmart), the X will not be as easy to read as the pebble.
If you look at the very poor afford omate put on softwaredevelopment at the truesmart I can't believe, that someone will be happy with the X.
The hardware base of the pebble could be much weaker but plenty of storage brings you nothing if the software does not match anything. It is such a pity the pebble and pebble steel are such ugly watches.

The Pebble isn't e ink either. Pebble, Meteor, HOT, Meta, etc. are all memory LCD and their displays are always on. To my understanding, the only smartwatch using e ink is due out from Archos.

Archos smartwatch is "due" since 2013 ...
e-Ink refresh rate is totaly inadequate for applications that require frequent refreshes (seconds hand of a watch being redrawn every second), only good for e-Readers or e-Price tags where content doesnt have to change that often (how fast can you read a full page of text).

The display on the Omate-X is transmissive (NOT transflective like the TOQ display), wich means it will have poor outdoor readability

On the MediaTex Soc presentation video the technician repeatedly mentions "suspension mode" wich while not necessarly implying a non-always-on display it certainly strongly hints towards one.

Also the CPU is NOT a Cortex implementation (like Pebble, Sony SW2, Toq, etc), is "plain" ARM7

Do not under any circumstances buy anything from Omate. They launched a Kickstarter campaign promised a True smart watch gave impressive specs then once they had the backers money they dumped an inferior defective watch on us. Mine lasted 3 weeks before it became a paperweight. Omate has ignored the complaints from numerous backers including me. No refund, no replacement, no repairs. They didn't even tell us about the downgrades for the watch, we found out by ourselves. Take a look on Kickstarter comments for Omate or look it up on Wikipedia. They are also an internet only company so pressing charges is next to impossible without an address - I have spent several hours trying.