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OMsignal announces biometric shirts that track your fitness, connect to your phone

OMsignal announces biometric shirts that track your fitness, connect to your phone
By Adam Zeis on 8 May 2014 11:42 am

We've seen all kinds of connected accessories in the realms of smartwatches, connected eyewear and even smart appliances, but how about connected clothing? OMsignal today has introduced clothing that is able to track your performance, health and fitness thanks to embedded sensors within the shirts. The four styles of compression shirt all carry trackers and a Bluetooth relay to provide data tracking for your vital statistics.

Using the companion OM app on iOS, the sensors send signals with real-time data, helping you manage your health, gain actionable insight and meet your fitness goals. Each of the four available shirts tracks your heart rate, breathing rate, breathing volume, movement, movement intensity, heart rate variability and calories burned. A small black box is attached to each shirt, allowing it to transmit data over Bluetooth back to your phone.

The shirts are available now for pre-order for the hefty price of $199. While they do look enticing for health nuts, there are still a good number of fitness trackers that can do the same (if not more) for this price or less.

Source: OMsignal

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OMsignal announces biometric shirts that track your fitness, connect to your phone


I think this could really have potential if it could do some sort of motion capture, like say a pitcher or golfer going through their motion, and the shirt being able to track issues in their motion/etc. But more than anything I can't but wonder if its washable lol

Does it come with speakers too?
In all seriousness, looks interesting. I don't know if I really want to know that much about my body when I'm running. I'm too distracted by the sound make when my thighs rub together.

Very expensive, and only connects to iPhone for now. I really like the idea, but I need it to be more universal and a tad cheaper to go all in.

The problems I see with this item. The price is outrageous! What happens when I lose weight and the shirt not longer connects to my body? Can the sensors be removed so I can wash the shirt? Will the material last longer than my current workout shirts? Lots of unanswered questions...

lol I'm not sure I could be convinced to spend $$$$ on workout clothing that I'm just going to sweat in exhaustively.... I wonder what the durability on these bad boys would be

This is cool especially if we're really doing the Hunger Games. Oh I would love to do Hunger Games without being killed. Can this be possible in the near future with the use of Internet and connected devices? :)

This would be fine if you have the physique of the models they use for their promo pics, but for a good chunk of gym users, compression shirts just don't look good. Too skinny or too chunky... a compression shirt lets the world know it. I can see this having a market for "elite" (or fanatical) athletes, but of little use for those who truly need to develop their fitness levels.

Too expensive. I would rather buy a fitness tracker that I can wear if I haven't washed my shirt between workouts (I'm not dropping 400 so I can be lazy and always have a clean one available).

So you have to wash this thing 3-6 times a week depending on how often you exercise or have a fat wallet... and it doesn't measure heat variations, so can't properly count calories burned... NEXT!

I can see elite athletes wearing/using these as well as some competitors in any sport who have the money. For most of us it's more "how many times can I throw it in the washer" - hand wash? oh, please.