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Gear S owners will soon be able to browse from their wrists

Opera Mini on Gear S
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 7 Oct 2014 03:29 am

Samsung's Gear S smartwatch is unlike others in its category in that it does not require a connection to a smartphone. Today, the smartwatch is gaining additional functionality as Opera has announced that it will bring the Mini browser to the Gear S later this year.

Opera Mini for the Gear S will come with the browser's data compression technology, as well as a private browsing mode, Speed Dial and Smart Page, an aggregator that pulls in the latest news and updates from social networks.

The 2-inch screen size isn't exactly conducive to browsing, which is why Opera has mentioned that the Mini browser will have finger-friendly touch controls designed specifically for the smartwatch's curved display. Opera has mentioned that the browser will be available for download by the time the Gear S launches later this year.

What are your thoughts regarding browsing on a smartwatch?

Source: Opera

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Gear S owners will soon be able to browse from their wrists


I just installed wear internet browser for my gear live. The app works better than I thought but tbh its more of a novelty feature than really useful.

Its good to show your friends but by the time you have typed on what you want you could have whipped your phone out and be viewing it on a bigger screen.

One area where it does work is if you just want to quickly check a website for updates. For example you can set android central or connectedly as a bookmark. When that opens you can quickly scroll to see if there are any updates.

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Doesn't it have a built-in browser already? That would be a huge oversight if samsung didn't already have one on it.

ugh, this is getting out of hand. Who would ever want to browse the web on such a small screen, when they can just do it on their phone?

Why is this concept difficult for folks to understand? Let me break it down...the idea is NOT used when you have your phone with you. So let's say you go for a run or to store quick and you leave your phone behind. This watch with the 3g connection will allow you to stay fully connected, if that is important to you. Maybe you want to search the price of an item; this watch will allow for that. Get it? It's rather a simple.

Lame... Why in the hell would you want to browse anything from a watch... Just impractical and another idea that Samsung is throwing at the wall to see what sticks... Leave the watch simple... Always trying to do to much...