Oral-B Smart Series bluetoothbrush goes on sale in UK

By Derek Kessler on 1 May 2014 01:06 pm

Oral-B's bluetooth-connected Pro 6000 Smart Series toothbrush is now available in the UK. The first in what we imagine will be a whole line of connected toothbrushes, the Pro 6000 Smart Series connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to your iPhone (Android compatibility is due in August) to "deliver customized real-time brushing solutions and track progress."

The goal is to take that data and help you be better at managing your oral hygiene. With the Pro 6000 Smart Series you can program in advice from your dentist and build a personalized brushing routine that the app will but you to stick to. It also tracks your brushing habits and can tell you and your dentist how badly you're failing at cleaning those right maxillary second and third molars. Oral-B's smart toothbrush can also bother you clean your tongue, rinse, and floss. In addition to the detailed tracking of how you brush and the nagging to do a better job at it, the Oral-B Pro 6000 Smart Series is also a pretty decent rechargeable electric toothbrush with six — SIX! — cleaning modes so it can actually clean your teeth.

So what do you think, is a smart tracking connected toothbrush in your future? No jokes about teeth in the UK — they're really not that bad.

Source: Oral-B; Via: Engadget

The world's first of its kind electric toothbrush with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity hits shelves today - designed to revolutionise the way we brush in the 'Internet of Caring Things' era

London, 1st May 2014 - The new interactive Oral-B Smart Series power brush, the world's first of its kind, officially hits UK shelves today. The Oral-B Smart Series is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled power brush, which allows the brush handle to communicate with an innovative Oral-B smart app[i] to deliver customised real-time brushing solutions and track progress. As a result it can respond to personalised oral care needs and improve brushing efficiency for a healthier smile.

Oral-B has been a leading innovator in oral care for more than 60 years and the launch of Smart Series is its latest upgrade designed to improve oral health in our connected world. The launch of this oral care innovation reflects the latest evolution of the 'Connected World' technology trend: The Internet of Caring Things.This trend arrives as a direct result of consumers' desire for devices that supercharge self-improvement, health and wellbeing by providing customisation, real-time feedback, tracking and advice[ii].

Oral-B Smile Director, Dr Uchenna Okoye, says "We're all already familiar with tracking habits related to our health. Sleeping, eating and exercise are already common place when it comes to connected devices that help us monitor and change habits. But the Oral-B Smart Series is the first device that will enable Britons to personalise and track their brushing habits to help improve oral health, which is really exciting. Plus, it makes the relationship between dental professionals and patients a more collaborative one as it allows your dentist to monitor and respond to your at home brushing rather than just what they see at the appointment."

The Ultimate Personal Clean

The new Oral-B Smart Series gives you unprecedented control over your brushing routine. It enables you to capture advice from dental appointments and personalise a brushing routine to reflect individual needs. Whether there's a troublesome area that requires a bit more attention, you need to brush longer in certain quadrants or someone just requires a reminder to floss, rinse or tongue clean regularly. The Oral-B Smart Series can be programed to help improve brushing behaviour and focus on problem areas. It records brushing activity as data that you can chart on your own and share with dental professionals, helping to create smarter and more personalised brushing routines.

Research shows that less than 25% of Britons are cleaning their teeth correctly and almost 1 in 3 do not brush their teeth twice a day as recommended[iii]. Oral-B Smile Director, Dr Uchenna Okoye, explains more about the importance of addressing these statistics: "I know from first-hand experience that we could all do with a little help to make sure we stick to those good habits that dentists like me recommend. The small changes this new toothbrush encourages will help generate big changes in British brushing habits."

Furthermore, the Oral-B App is proven to increase brushing time from less than 60 seconds to two minutes and 16 seconds with an electric toothbrush[iv], which surpasses the dental professional recommended two minutes per session.

In addition to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the Oral-B Smart Series electric toothbrush also features oscillating-rotating-pulsating technology, a pressure sensor and boasts six different cleaning modes:

  • Daily Cleaning – for everyday cleaning
  • Deep Clean – for those who need a more intensive clean
  • Whitening – to be used on occasions to help achieve a stain free smile
  • Gum Care – to help address any gum problems
  • Sensitive – for those who require a more gentle clean
  • Tongue Cleaning – to help achieve fresher breath and reduce bacteria

Features and benefits

In summary, the Smart Series electric toothbrush includes the following:

  • Utilises two-way communication: Not only does the app receive brushing data and report it back to you, but you can also program the app so that it communicates with the brush for personalised brushing.

  • Delivers expert guidance with focused care: Patients can work in collaboration with their dentists' to program brushing routines in the app to help improve brushing behaviours and focus on problem zones within the mouth.

  • Programs personal brush settings: You can use your smartphone as a "remote control" to customise your brush to your needs, including setting your target session length and selecting your preferred modes.

  • Stores your data: It can store up to 20 brushing sessions, the data is transferred the next time the app is connected to the toothbrush, updating your records.

  • Fosters better brushing: It helps drive patient compliance, which determines a large part of the success of dental appointments.

  • Helps you stay informed: It helps maintain your attention and motivation while brushing with news, weather and oral care tips.

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Reader comments

Oral-B Smart Series bluetoothbrush goes on sale in UK


I think this is a prime example showing that just because you CAN put BT into something, it doesn't necessarily mean you SHOULD.

A toothbrush is a device you use for a few minutes a day to scrub food and plaque from your teeth. Why does that need connectivity? Do I really need "brushing data"? Would this actually improve my life in any way? Or is this just another complication to our already complicated lives?

Kudos to Oral-B for thinking outside the box, but sometimes the box is there for a reason...

I get how this sounds ridiculous, but look at it another way: this is data that you can review and see if there's room for improvement. Just the fact that this automatically logs activity is useful; you can take the log to your dentist and show him that you actually ARE brushing, and he can decide if additional treatment is needed.

I agree. Sometimes the standard of oral hygiene affects the treatment choices. I mean, if you are not cleaning your teeth well enough, do you want to do all that expensive dental treatment? Also, the data might help in maintaining those expensive dental restorations for a longer time.

The product itself sounds like a great idea as long as its improving the experience of brushing my teeth, but at that price it's just too much to justify.

I try not to call tech pieces useless, but this is pushing it... LOL.

But seriously, if it provides a value to someone, I guess it makes it worth it. As other OEMs get into it, the prices will drop even as the functionality increases. For hands-on data one can share with a dentist, it might be pretty cool.

I didn't care much about my mouth and teeth in the past. Now those carelessness are causing me troubles but I still think that this product is too much for me.

There must me someone who want it more than me. Maybe for the patients whose problems should have been taken more seriously.

Sounds kind of weird... I mean a toothbrushing app. Now I do recognise the obvious benefits but even then is it that important that I need to spend my money on a brush which gives you brushing data!

I think gearing this toward children makes a lot of sense. If brushing could be an interactive experience tied to an app with fun graphics or some way to make a game out of brushing, it could help children develop good habits. I'm not sure how many adults would see the value of tracking their brushing habits, though. I have a Sonicare and find the timer that beeps when it's time to switch to the next tooth section to be very useful. But I doubt that I would pay extra for connectivity.

I just can't justify buying one now that I have dentures. How about a connected hair brush (crap, going bald, too.)

Irrespective of price or the manner in which the device connects to your phone/tablet/laptop, people are tracking all sorts of things now, why stop at your steps, heart rate, calories and sleep? everyone probably had the same reaction when pedometers where unveiled!

Hell, we even have devices and apps that monitor how we drive which can (potentially) give us cheaper insurance. Surely it's only a matter of time before the health insurance companies tap in to this as well.

"Oh I see you run four times a week and brush your teeth well for 3 minutes every time - please enjoy 20% off your insurance premiums"

If your dentist went to school to become a dentist, he (she) doesn't need this to help analyse whether you are getting the job done. Like Xader suggested in the first comment, this is a pointless BT application.

To me, this sounds like a solution in search of a problem. The dentist can tell by looking at your teeth whether you're doing a good job at cleaning them or not, no "smart toothbrush" needed. So really, is there any actual need for this thing?

Braun just doesn't know what to add to their toothbrushes any more in order to keep the high price justifiable... Clones can be bought at a 10th of an original Oral-B and work just as well. It's not rocket science.