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Ouya pilots $60 all-access gaming pass

$60 unlocks 800 game titles on Ouya for a year
By Chuong H Nguyen on 30 Jun 2014 07:19 pm

Ouya, makers of the $99 home video game console that runs on a customized version of Android, is starting to test out a limited time subscription pass. Valued at over $2,000, customers who pay $59.99 will get access to a library of 800 games for a year.

When users sign up for the pilot subscription, which brings a Netflix-like experience to gaming, they will get a code emailed to them that they can redeem on their Ouya console.

"The OUYA All-Access pass applies to one-time purchases under $30, such as full game unlocks and level-pack add-ons," the company said as part of its terms. "In-game purchases that enhance gameplay, and that can be done more than once, such as extra lives, potions, power-ups, etc, are not included."

Anything that is covered by the pass will show up with a $0.00 list price.

Ouya says that this isn't a permanent offer just yet and the company says that the subscription is a time limited offer with limited quantities.

At this time, it may seem that Ouya's promotion may be reactionary to Google's latest Android TV initiative which brings games and access to the Play store to TVs.

Is this something that you're excited about? Would you want Android TV to offer a similar promotion perhaps?

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Ouya pilots $60 all-access gaming pass

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As an Ouya owner, I really think they're messing with their developers. I mean, I could see the free trial of games being something that developers should have to do. I mean, if I get tired of your game in an hour, why buy it? But this is insane. You're basically giving me $2000 in apps for $60. I can beat all the $2000 in games in the year, and then, even if all the money goes to the developers, they get 3% of what they wanted. Would Ouya like if I paid them 3% of their price for their console?