Your own teeny, tiny dino.

Dino Pet lets you hold one of nature's most magical phenomenon in your hand.

Let there be light

The Dino Pet from BioPop is a great introductory pet. At only six inches tall, it's a living, interactive pet made from a clear, ABS plastic molded in the shape of an Apatosaurus. The container holds living organisms called dinoflagellates, which are photosynthetic plankton. It uses sunlight, water, and nutrients instead of batteries or electricity to illuminate itself, photosynthesizing during the day so it can glow at night. Although Dino Pets are used to bioluminescing between 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Pacific Time, the organisms' circadian rhythm will gradually adjust to match your own time zone. Your Dino Pet lights up when it's shaken and will be most brilliant in a perfectly dark room.

Dino Pet from BioPop


The Dino Pet by BioPop is a teeny, tiny dino that contains photosynthetic plankton that light a room up at nighttime with their bioluminescence.

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Dino 2.0

Dinosaurs are back! Well, almost. Feed your Dino Pet (what else?) dino food once a week through the container's little, plastic belly. If you forget to feed it or go on a vacation, rest assured your Dino Pet will be okay to miss a feeding. Dinoflagellates can go a month with nothing except a little indirect sunlight, but feeding them weekly can prolong their life and they could reproduce indefinitely. People travel the world to experience this biological magical trick and you could have it right in your own home to enjoy each and every night.