Cross one chore off your to-do list

Green thumb ain't so green? Who cares? Grow herbs or succulents indoors or outdoors without worrying about overwatering or drying them out!

The trickle-down effect

Joey Roth's self-watering planters make for effortless caretaking. The central chamber of the planter is porous, allowing water to seep into the soil so plants can draw as much water as they need. Just top off the chamber and if you forget to check for a few days, don't worry! You won't be a plant murderer.

Joey Roth Self-Watering Planters


Joey Roth's self-watering planters provide a steady trickle of water to the soil, so you don't have to worry about constant watering.

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Elegant irrigation

These ingenious planters prevent water loss to evaporation. Made from Terracotta and Zisha, they are available in four colors: Terracotta, Celadon, Gray, and Metallic Gray. They each hold 2.5 liters of soil and 0.4 liters of water.

Whether you're as meticulous as Martha Stewart or your green thumb ain't so green, never worry about killing your plants again with these self-watering planters.