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Parrot announces the Bebop Drone, a quadcopter with HD video

Parrot Bebop Drone
By Sam Sabri on 11 May 2014 08:05 pm

Parrot has just announced the Bebop Drone, their latest and greatest ultra-light drone with a full HD camera. Parrot is one of the bigger names in the consumer drone space and things look to be heating up the addition of the Bebop Drone. Parrot is aiming to capture the hearts of photographers and videographers with the new imaging capabilities.

Parrot is hoping the camera will really push sales of the Bebop Drone. It's a 14-megapixel fish-eye camera that can capture both photos (JPEG and DNG) and video. You get 180 degrees for the field of view and can record videos in Full HD (1080p x 1920p). The pilot can also control the angle of the camera using the either a new app or a new controller.

The Bebop Drone can be controlled with a free application that will be available for iOS and Android, no word yet on a Windows Phone or BlackBerry version. Stability of the drone is controlled with an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and other sensors. There's a GNSS chipset that combines the GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO data for the Bebop Drone. This enables autonomous flight and the automatic return of the drone. The Bebop Drone has a flight time of 12 minutes.

FreeFlight 3.0 is the free application coming to your iPhone or Android device to enable you to control the Bebop Drone. Parrot is also launching the Skycontroller, a new controller that can extend the Wi-Fi range up to 2 kilometers. Users can even plug in supported first person glasses into the Skycontroller to view the camera feed from the Bebop Drone.

Anyone out there thinking of picking one up? The price hasn't been finalized yet, but we do know the Bebop Drone is coming in the fourth quarter this year.

Source: Parrot Via: The Verge

Reader comments

Parrot announces the Bebop Drone, a quadcopter with HD video


Are privacy and security concerns taken into account here? If the pricetag is low, and almost everyone can afford one, it would be a huge risk...

Something for nosy creeps. What are the options for shooting them down when they enter your personal air-space? Do they make a fighter version?

Neat idea, but personally I'd prefer to see a drone fitted with a motorized mount for gopro that let you control it's angle.

It would be very nice for mtn bike races (ok, even roadies might love it - other sports too.)

I'm really coming round to the idea of purchasing a novice quad copter, This one looks amazing (maybe not cheap, but it ticks all the boxes)

hehe Life will become a spygame, starting from the 4th quarter of this year! :)
On the other hand, great piece of technology!

Guess i'll have to stick to duct-taping my old handycam on my RC quadcopter, cause I use a windows phone!! :D .... :) .... :/ .... :'( .......... >o< ..

I think it's cool that these guys are bringing multi-rotor photography to the masses. It's also cool that it looks substantially smaller than the original parrot, it'll be easier to travel with. Hope the price is right though, I still get nervous flying my multi out over a canyon wall for example because of the potential cost of something going wrong...