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Parrot Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo coming this summer

Jumping Sumo
By Adam Zeis on 5 Jun 2014 09:57 am

Back at CES we got a quick look at some of the new offerings from Parrot — streamlined, slimmed down, "MiniDrones". The Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo are two new devices that are geared more toward kids than adults (AKA big kids). They're smaller, easier to control and more accessible than the larger flying drones Parrot is known for. These new MiniDrones can fly, roll, flip and do all kinds of neat things that will make them very appealing to young pilots.

The Rolling Spider is a four-prop flying MiniDrone that also has detachable wheels. It's a compact device that weighs in at just 55g and can fly both indoors and outdoors. Attach the ultra-light wheels and the Rolling Spider can cruise on the floor, walls or even the ceiling.

The Parrot Rolling Spider does high-speed flights: it rushes, turns right, turns left, performs front, back and side flips with amazing fluidity and stability, and follows commands from the pilot. The pilot 'swipes' the screen from top to bottom and the Rolling Spider turns 180° in a flash. The Parrot Rolling Spider is on the alert even when its engines are off. Throw the minidrone and its sensors detect it instantaneously: its engines start automatically and it stabilizes in the air, awaiting your instructions.

The Jumping Sumo doesn't fly, but it does do awesome. It cruises around at 2m/s, does quick 180 degree turns, stops on a dime and of course jumps all over the place. The wheel can extend or retract depending on the terrain and needed stability. The Jumping Sumo will be available in 3 versions: black & red, white & black and khaki & yellow.

Jump on a chair? On a table? Jump into your arms? Avoid an obstacle? No problem, the Parrot Jumping Sumo obeys and always lands on its wheels! A 'road plan' enables you to program a course and actions. Once entered in the application, the itinerary appears amongst the pre-defined movements of the Jumping Sumo. You just have to click on the new icon to see the Jumping Sumo evolve autonomously. Also, the FreeFlight 3 application enables the Jumping Sumo to connect to Parrot Cloud in order to share records with the other pilots.

Both the Jumping Sumo and Rolling Spider will be available this summer. Check out more at

Source: Parrot

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Parrot Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo coming this summer


That looks like a lot of fun, the question is will it be as ridiculously priced as the AR drone which with a cheaper smaller model may very well gone mainstream.