Easy as one, two, zap!

Breaking a habit is tough! For some of us smoking, watching lots of TV, or yelling at neighborhood kids to get off our lawns is enjoyable, but maybe not the best thing for us. Pavlok is a new wearable that shocks you out of your bad habits.

A shocking idea

Maybe you've tried to kick your bad habit a few times before but since there were no real consequences for falling of the wagon, you slipped back into your old ways. Pavlok can help you out by providing a gentle buzz when it knows you're doing something you're not supposed to or giving you a full-on electric shock when it detects a bad activity. Just download the app to your phone, tell Pavlok what habit you're trying to break, then be darn sure you're ready to quit...unless you like getting shocked.



Pavlok is a new type of wearable that administers a vibrating buzz or full-on electric shock when it detects you are engaged in a behaviour you're trying to quit.

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Your swing explained

Pavlok integrates with sensors and GPS in your phone to help keep you on track with your goals. If Pavlok is still learning your habits you can trigger a punishment by using manual mode until Pavlok catches on. You do not have to shock yourself, you can dial Pavlok back to simply vibrate on your wrist when it detects a bad habit, however, if you believe in no pain, no gain, Pavlok will for sure help you see gains when it's time to shake a bad habit.