Paxis has a lineup of accessible backpacks that feature their innovative shuttle pod system. With, the gentle pull of a handle, the bottom third of the Paxis pack is released, easily swinging around to the front allowing you convenient assess to whatever you need. Get quick access to your camera, lenses, snacks, fishing gear or anything you desire. The Paxis pack offers you what you need without having to stop and remove, or swing a sling style backpack. These lightweight backpacks weigh-in at just 5.2 lbs and the Shuttle Pod can hold up to 5 lbs of goods. They also feature NYLAR Ballistic Fabric Technology that is a hydrophobic water-resistant fabric and will protect your possessions. The Paxis bags bring a whole new level of convenience to anyone that carries a backpack on a regular basis. Available in 8 different colors, these Paxis backpacks start at around $235.

Get your Paxis swinging backpack today / $ 235.99