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PayPal comes to Pebble

PayPal comes to Pebble
By Derek Kessler on 18 Nov 2014 02:04 pm

You can now easily make payments at retailers and businesses through the Pebble smartwatch and PayPal. Thanks to the new PayPal for Pebble app, Pebble wearers can now both check in to make payments via PayPal even before they've stepped foot into the store, or get a payment code to complete their transaction.

PayPal app on Pebble can even act as a sort of local directory for businesses that accept PayPal — you're likely to find a lot you didn't even know about. And unlike some other awkward set-ups that have you scanning a QR code off your watch, this one's handled all over IP through your phone.

You'll obviously need a PayPal account to get this rolling, as well as the PayPal app installed on your connected phone (the Pebble app will prompt you to do so and even send you to the store to get it). But hey, more options for mobile payments are better options for mobile payments, which we're all for.

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PayPal comes to Pebble