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Pebble 2.0 beta 11 now available for Android users

By Adam Zeis on 5 Mar 2014 07:55 am

Android users are still hanging on, waiting impatiently for an official release. In the meantime the folks at Pebble have been hard at work fixing up the beta app, now with beta 11 ready to roll. Pebble says the "most annoying bugs" have been fixed and that it "improves stability considerably", but there is still a way to go before things get official.


  • PebbleKit JS localStorage is now sandboxed for each app
  • Many improvements to onboarding and FW installation
  • Issues with sideloading apps in some circumstances have been fixed
  • Some issues with loading JS configuration views after the app has been quit have been addressed
  • JavaScript app logs printed via ADB are cleaner
  • MyPebble now loads faster

Known issue:

  • Pairing a Pebble during onboarding may not succeed. If you run into problems, exit the Pebble app. Remove the pairing entry from Android BT settings & your Pebble. Then pair manually using BT settings.


If you're an Android user and registered developer at Pebble's site, you can download Beta 11 from the link below.

More info / download Beta 11 for Android

Reader comments

Pebble 2.0 beta 11 now available for Android users


Android version coming "very, very soon"... Oh its been a month you say? That's officially not "very, very soon"

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Even the current version doesn't seem like it's close to being ready for a final release. I think it's going to be a while before we get an official release on Android.

I've had very few issues with the Beta on my LG G2, it's a bit slow but otherwise pretty stable. I wish the app / watchface sections had categories though.

I haven't tried yet (I'm at work) but it seems as though sideloading watchfaces/apps is back! I'm glad they fixed this, as it's one thing I use often. Previously I used beta10 for less than an hour before uninstalling and putting beta9 back on. I use often to make my own watchfaces and sideload them to my pebble. I will try beta11 when I get home!

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Constantly crashing on Android 4.4(Moto X). Haven't been able to open the app even once after installation.

Yeah, read the Pebble forums and deleted app and re-installed. Doesn't look like the app is close to being released at this point. Did Pebble commit to an official release yet?

Stable and working definitely better than previous beta on my Nexus 5. Still the search function doesn't work as it doesn't popup the keyboard.