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Is Pebble 2.0 sucking your battery life?

By Adam Zeis on 13 Feb 2014 03:02 pm

The Pebble 2.0 software is out and about now — be it officially for iOS users or in beta form for Android. There is still a bit of work to be done all around to polish things up a bit, but overall we're liking the way things are going. One thing we're not liking however is the battery life. Granted there are still some kinks to work out, but we've seen battery life drop off a decent amount with the new software.

I've been mostly using my original Pebble on Android with the beta appstore, so even though I can't complain since it's a beta, my battery is only stretching for 2, maybe 3 days. That's down from the 4-5 I was used to. Richard has been using his with the official iOS app and has noticed that he's draining faster too —​ down from 5 days to about 2. 

So we're curious to know, for those of you who are using Pebble 2.0, how is your battery life? Hit up the comments and let us know how you're fairing. Be sure to note if you're using a Pebble or Pebble Steel and also what platform (Android, iOS etc.)

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Is Pebble 2.0 sucking your battery life?


Watch battery life doesn't seem to be impacted, but I don't have much more than faces, notifications and music boss running. Phone battery life is horrible though.

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I'll be curious to hear others thoughts on this battery issue. I've been holding off for the stable version of the Android app. It won't be a dealbreaker if my battery life goes down, but it will be kind of unfortunate.

I haven't noticed any major decrease in battery life. I charged up this past Monday and the battery app I'm using says 60%, running SmartStatus and notifications.

Yes. Pebble is down to 2 days life if I'm lucky and my iPhone 5s has definitely taken a hit. The new Pebble app is the only new thing on my phone since it came out and I'm hunting for a charger before the end of the day, 

Mine's fine too. I'm using iOS (if that makes a useful data point in tracking this down) an I'm using various watch faces, notifications and SmartWatch+.
Not sure about phone battery life, though now you mention it it does seem to be going down faster than usual but I had put that down to a recent change in usage pattern unrelated to the Pebble.

I was using the beta on android too. I think the battery issues are due to the connectivity being crap. My watch was hardly ever connected. Every time I started the app it wanted to do the setup again. It was slow and painful.

Uninstalled. But so long as they make it stable (soon!) I like where they are going with it.

I was using Beta 2.0.8 on my Pebble. Yes the watch battery life was less. BUT the Android Pebble app was absolutely sucking the life out of my Nexus 4 battery. I went back to the stable Android Pebble app.

I'm in the same boat with my nexus 4... I have original pebble and run canvas on it... battery life has dropped from around five days to two... Plus phone battery life has dropped a heap too... I wish pebble supported Windows phone so I could go back to my Lumia 1520 for the battery life...

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I bought a pebble after the steel announcement (and the price drop on the original). I switched to the 2.0 beta before the first charge ran out.

But I'm getting 5-6 days charge on it as is.

Hypothesis: Some (but not all) of the new 2.0 services suck battery like nothing else. So we might look to see what we're running. For me, that's:

Canvas, Leaf, Dashclock battery integration, GoPro, Pebble Notes, and a clone of a Casio face

I've not noticed a significant drop in battery life for either my Pebble Classic or my iPhone 5 since the update. Getting five to six days of charge for the Pebble, which is average for me.

I'd love to notice the drop in batter life...but Pebble still hasn't shipped my Pebble Steel. People at Pebble, if you're reading this, ANY DAY NOW WOULD BE NICE!

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It has definitely impacted me. IPhone 5 is taking a slight hit while the Moto X is getting obliterated. Used to charge once a day when I came home from work but now have to get it a fill up after lunch. The watch has lost maybe a day

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I am still on Android beta 8, using a watchface like 91 Dub I can monitor the watch battery. I seem to get variable drain, two days only 20% used and the next day 60% used.

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I can't really say that 2.0 is sucking the life out of my Pebble, I maybe lost a day, maybe. However, my Note 3 has taken a big hit where as it used to last about a day and now cries to be charged by 3-4 PM.

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I updated to 2.0 on Monday 2/3/14 and I have an iPhone 5s. I did not have to recharge the pebble until Friday night. I had some issues with my pebble telling me it was not connected via the app but I was still getting notifications and all my apps worked(smart status, smart watch pro, smart watch +). I did a factory reset and so far as of today I still have 20% battery life according to the pebble and the Battery life app. I have played Tiny birds and used the pebble gps app also some. I have not paid attention a lot to my iPhone's battery life I use a bluetooth headset almost every day so battery life does change a lot when I used it with the pebble.

Im running Pebble App 8 Beta on my Nexus 5 and fw v2 on my Pebble. I have just got the battery 20% notification today and it was at just under 10 days uptime. Shutting down the appstore makes a huge difference to the battery life as it would literally flatten it overnight if the app was left running.

My Battery life has decreased dramatically from 5-6 days down to 2-3. I installed a battery monitor and am checking regularly and I'm seeing a full charge drop to 50% within a day.

On Android 4.3, my pebble's battery life dropped from 5-6 days to barely 2 days with 2.0. Curiously, since I updated my phone to Android 4.4.2, my pebble is back to its original battery life.

Haven't really noticed an issue on either my Pebble or Nexus 5. Running beta 8 app on the phone

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I'm on Android using the beta app. It's sucking my battery life, but only when Bluetooth is on. When Bluetooth is off, though, I get much better battery life compared to V1.x.

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My kickstarted pebble got the point where I could not get through 2 days. I deleted the foursquare and the battery life app and now I am pretty much back to normal. My iPhone 5s is also using about 10-20% more battery per day since the 2.0 release. I think the real issue is some of these new apps are using the standard BT connection and are pinging at a alarming frequency.

I noticed an immediate drop in battery life of my iPhone 5C after I updated to 2.0 but I think I found the problem. I was using a watch face that had weather info but no option to select the location. I happened to glance at my phone and I noticed the GPS icon in the status bar. I happened to move my wrist as the icon disappeared and it instantly came back. I realized the Pebble was updating the weather EVERY time I moved my wrist enough to trigger the backlight. I removed the watch face and it seems better. I've been getting about 4-5 18hr days out of my Pebble with minimal notifications through out the day (I turn it off while sleeping). I was going to turn off the auto backlight to see how much it increased the battery life. Has anyone done this and noticed a big difference? I see the backlight on a lot while I'm moving my wrist when driving. I'm sure it's probably coming on way more then that when I'm not paying attention.

I updated to 2.0 beta on my original pebble using my nexus 5 about two weeks ago , I use to get about five to six days now I am getting a steady four days a little reduction in life on battery but well worth it with the 2.0 beta running. Still awaiting on my pebble black steel to ship. Overall I am happy with the pebble and love not having to pull my phone out every single time I get a notification.

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I have 2.0 but I use it with a BlackBerry device. Battery life hasn't changed, I still charge it every 4-5 days as I did before.

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Yes! After updating to 2.0 (iOS), the battery is definitely not lasting as long. It used to last ~5-7 days. Now I'm getting about 2 to 2.5 days. Last night I had 50%, this morning 30%, this afternoon 20%, then a rapid decline to 10% and then it just went off. I'm wondering if it's that useless (on my Z10) Starbucks app, Pebblebucks.

I have the Pebble Steel, and the battery drained in 1 day! My regular (pre-steel) pebble lasts many days, but the steel is a drainer. Both are running 2.0, and running the same few Apps. Hardly any Apps in fact. I can't have multiple charging stations either (office / bedroom / lounge) because the charger for steel is different. Bummer. Better looking watch though.