Pebble announces the Pebble Steel in Black Matte and Brushed Stainless

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jan 2014 02:02 pm

Pebble today has announced an updated premium version of their popular smartwatch offering. The Pebble Steel is a smaller, thinner Pebble watch made of forged and CNC-machined stainless steel. Available now in Black Matte and Brushed Stainless versions, each comes with a matching metal band as well as a black leather strap. 

The Pebble Steel has the same e-paper display, battery life and waterproof design of the original Pebble, adding Gorilla Glass, and anti-fingerprint coating and an RGB LED charge indicator. Both versions are available now for $249 and will ship free on January 28th.

Pebble also adds new partnerships with Pandora, ESPN and Mercedes which will be shown off more during CES this week. 

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Press Release

Until now, Pebblers discovered apps and watchfaces thanks to wonderful third party resources like MyPebbleFaces. In fact, 3 million apps and watchfaces have been downloaded so far.

By the end of January, the Pebble appstore will offer a centralized location for users to discover, manage, and install apps and watchfaces.

Pebble appstore makes browsing easy, with categories for Daily, Remotes, Games, Notifications, Tools & Utilities, Fitness, and—of course—Watchfaces. We’re making it easier than ever to find your next favorite app for things like tracking your workout, managing your music, or controlling your thermostat.

In addition to being a simple one-stop shop, we’ll be curating the Pebble appstore, bringing the latest and greatest apps and watchfaces to your wrist in no time. Developers who want their Pebble apps in the appstore at launch must submit them by January 9.

Second, we’re delighted to introduce Pebble Steel: our new, premium smartwatch. With Pebble, we created an iconic, colorful, and sporty smartwatch, but we wanted to build something even more refined—cranking the style dial to 11.

Pebble Steel takes everything you know and love about Pebble—the crystal clear ePaper display, weeklong battery life, and waterproof design—and wraps it a smaller, thinner package. It’s made of forged and CNC-machined stainless steel.

Pebble welcomes Steel to the family.

The display is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass lens with an oleophobic, anti-fingerprint coating. The housing also subtly incorporates a RGB LED light to indicate charge status. Like the original Pebble, Pebble Steel is waterproof up to 5 ATM.

Pebble Steel comes in two finishes: Brushed Stainless and Black Matte. All models are bundled with both a matching metal band and a black leather strap. The Black Matte Pebble Steel is crafted using a process called Physical Vapor Deposition to provide a tactile, deep black finish that’s also ultra-durable.

Starting today, you’ll be able to order Pebble Steel exclusively from for $249 US, which includes free courier shipping worldwide for early orders. Orders for Pebble Steel will begin shipping on January 28.

Third, we’re extremely proud to announce that Pandora, ESPN, and Mercedes-Benz are joining Yelp, Foursquare, GoPro, and iControl in our growing family of partners. We can’t wait to share the apps they’ve built to bring tiny moments of awesome to your Pebble everyday.

Pandora, iControl, and Mercedes-Benz will be demoing their Pebble apps with Pebble Steel here in Las Vegas. Please come take a look if you’re attending CES! For those who can’t make it in person, please watch Eric’s announcement video showcasing Pebble Steel and our partner apps.

We’re super excited about what the Pebble appstore, Pebble Steel, and our new partners bring to the table. Our mission is clear: create the gold standard for wearables that mesh perfectly with your everyday life, and build the fundamental ecosystem and platform for these devices.

Two thousand and thirteen was phenomenal for Pebble, but expect even more this year as we continue to improve our platform and listen to the feedback from our users and developers.

So, with two flavors of Pebble now in the world, who’s going to be starting a watch collection?

Reader comments

Pebble announces the Pebble Steel in Black Matte and Brushed Stainless


Very nice looking watch. May have to trade mine in for one. Was hoping for a out of left field announcement that they plan to support WP8. Oh well.

I'm pumped for this one. Definitely going Black Matte. 

I think WP8 support will be coming soon too. Hopefully. 

Im stuck, I have another couple days to return my current pebble. I don't know if I want black or the brushed, I feel like Id wear the leather band more and the brushed would look better with that. Guess I'll have to consult the wife.
I figure if they didn't announce WP8, then its going to be unsupported until WP8.1 hits. At which point 3rd party devs or pebble themselves should be able to push most notifications. Hopefully.

Watch the interview with the CEO over on The Verge, no official suport coming for WP8, but they're looking at opening up more of their API's and work with developers to bring more of the functionality to other mobile platforms.

Thanks for the heads up. Just watched it. Pretty much what I figured. They wont support it officially but third party devs should be able to do something... Now its a matter of WP opening up more in order for that to happen. Hurry up 8.1

I just ordered mine in Matte Black, I have black one I got myself for Christmas and love it especially since I can have my dogs face on it and that in itself is worth it , Great Site been long time reader of AC now Smart watch site great work guys are you going to have periodical podcast?

Little frustrated since I got my black pebble last week and have spent $60+ on bands (and still not got one I liked) plus $20+ on wraps. If I knew this was coming I would have waited and went with Black Matte.


It's a nice watch, defiantly makes Pebble more appealing to a wider audience. It looks nice if your biggest gripe with the Pebble was it's plastic casing.

Problems with Pebble Steel:
- It says "pebble" on the front of the watch which is very unattractive
- They say that they managed to get a similar/same Bluetooth signal strength even through the metal, I believe that the signal will be noticeably weaker (however I have no proof yet and could be entirely wrong)

Personally though, I feel that the original plastic Pebble suits my use case better, it's more comfortable and I don't need my watch to be so classy. Also I couldn't justify spending the extra $100 when it can do all the same things the original Pebble can.

Yes, I am aware however the way they gave this information in the video made me think that they only half believed what they said about it having equal range to the plastic Pebble. Under optimal conditions (the face of the watch pointing towards your phone), sure you'll get the same range however I believe that there will be a slight difference in some situations between the plastic and steel Pebble. (Just an opinion, could be entirely wrong)

Now you mention it, it did seem a bit unsure of the statement. Hopefully we'll find out soon with the hands on videos and reviews to come over the next few days/weeks. Though personally my phone is never really that far from unless in the house and then only very rarely, though of course having the Pebble could significantly change the way I use my phone.
I do agree about the pebble logo, but they had to define it somehow, I think a smalle case size would make less understated and still serve the purpose they want.

I too am a little p.o.'d about this, only because I would rather have it then the plastic black model I purchased at bestbuy just for ddschneider I've purchased a band and carbon fiber wrap from skinomi. Best Buy only has a 14 day return policy and you can only purchase it at so I'm literally screwed on returning this. And that's is why I hate technology folks, as soon as you make a decision to purchase a product, boom within days or weeks they announce a freaking better version of what you just spent hard earned money on. Ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!