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Pebble Appstore for Android now officially available

By Adam Zeis on 7 Mar 2014 01:05 pm

The wait is over Android fans — the Pebble Appstore (2.0.12) is now officially available in Google Play. That means you can get all of the goodies that came along in the update including the appstore, watchapp locker, revamped UI and more. Of course this means you'll get a firmware update for your Pebble or Pebble Steel to go along with it.

After installing the app you'll be prompted to update your Pebble watch to the latest firmware as well so you can take advantage of all the fun new features. This one has had a long run in beta form, and even though it's now official, there is still some tweaking to be done to get things up to 100%.

So if you're using Android, head over to Google Play from the link below to grab the update.

Download the Pebble Appstore from Google Play

Reader comments

Pebble Appstore for Android now officially available


Took long enough, but at least they worked out most of the kinks. I like waiting and having a functional app rather than getting an app that doesn't work right and is released too soon. I guess I can update from beta 11 now.

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Mine freaked out and I ended up going into recovery and starting fresh. Can't seem to sideload though.

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It's really buggy for me. Kickstarter Pebble and HTC One on 4.4.2. Everything seems to work okay, but only after the second or third time I try it.

That was fast, Beta 11 came out two days and it definitely wasn't ready for primetime. Wonder if this is significantly better.

App store is slow and very laggy. Other than that, the app is working fine. Can't comment on the battery usage just yet.

Parts feel better others worse. I'm getting a lot of disconnects.

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Is it just the removal of the beta label or is it finally ready for human consumption?

Brave beta warriors, what's your experience with it compared to the last few betas?

Honestly debating going back to beta 11 but holding out that maybe they'll throw out an update quick to fix a few things.....who am I kidding it took them a month for this

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I'm thinking a lot of the problems earlier were just excited early adopters slamming their servers. Things seem to have stabilized for me.

Any one have a fix for samsung S4 voice problem? I thought the new app might solve this but no luck.

Sweet, now if I can get 10.2.1 loaded up on my Q10 I can give this a try and see if I have any decent results.

I have been waiting since the announcement and now it is finally here. Got my Pebble at Christmas and really enjoyed it right away. Only charge it once a week and does everything I need. Now with 2.0 it is even better.
Great work Pebble, keep it coming.