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Pebble appstore now available for iOS - Android coming 'very soon'

By Adam Zeis on 3 Feb 2014 01:01 pm

It's been about a month since Pebble announced their appstore for Android and iOS, and today begins the rollout for Pebble users. The Pebble appstore is built-in to the Pebble app and features over 1000 free apps and watch faces for your Pebble smartwatch. No longer will you have to search elsewhere for apps and watch faces, though the option is still there should you choose to do so.

Using the new app you can easily find what you're looking for and load it up to one of the 8 slots on your Pebble or Pebble Steel. There's also a new Locker feature so you can save apps and watch faces that you don't currently want on your device. You'll need to update the software on your watch as well which you'll be promoted to do when you run the new Pebble app. 

The Pebble appstore is available now for iOS and is launching for Android "very, very soon". We'll keep you posted on that one.

Download the Pebble appstore for iOS from iTunes

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Pebble appstore now available for iOS - Android coming 'very soon'


I'm excited for this but I'm disappointed that Android appears to have taken a back seat to iOS.

Doesn't android always take a backseat to ios apps. Can't remember when an app was released for android before ios unless it was a google app.

Usually that's the case. But I have a feeling that more developers at Pebble use Android over iOS. I don't want Android to release ahead. I just want them to release at the same time.

No surprise here. Everyone should feel like fools for expecting equal treatment.

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If the app store is showing the last version for iOS (1.3.1 on Jan 13), is it just a matter of waiting for the update to hit the store? I am seeing this on both the iTunes store on my Mac, as well as on my iPhone app store.

Does this new update also contain the SDK 2.0 update to the Pebble for iOS users?

What a frustration...1h30 after the announcement, still nothing...I stepped out of the gym when I've seen the announcement...poor geek....

Should have just delayed it. We shouldnt have to wait longer because we choose a specific ecosystem. This looks bad on their part. If the android app is coming "very, very soon" then they could have just held the iOS version until both are ready instead of alienating part of their install base.

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Smartphone market share is not the same as Pebble user market share. As an Android user personally, yes I would like it now, but my Pebble works great this morning just like it did yesterday. It will probably work great tomorrow. If I have to wait a few weeks, it is not that a big loss.
I am sure the Pebble team has reasons for the iOS release. I highly doubt they did it to make ios users feel good or for Android users to feel bad.

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Android might have an 80 percent market share. But a lot of it is in countries where people don't have expendable cash for toy watches. A lot of those are low end android phones. Only us North Americans some european countries spend on bleeding edge mobile.