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Pebble appstore set to hit iOS on Monday, Android to follow shortly

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2014 08:37 pm

Update 2: Here's the deal. The update hits iOS on Monday. Android's not too far behind — look for developers to get a beta version around the same time.

Update: It looks like the post has since been deleted, but we're keeping our fingers crossed anyway!

We've all been waiting somewhat patiently for the Pebble appstore to go live, and according to a post on their Facebook page, we won't have to wait much longer. The Pebble appstore will begin rolling out this Monday and it's safe to assume that it's for both Android and iOS devices.

The Pebble appstore will allow users to browse apps and watch faces directly through the Pebble app rather than seeking them out through third-party sources. Apps and faces can be set to one of the 8 slots on the device or stored in the locker for easy loading / unloading.

Of course the update will bring along new firmware for both the original Pebble and Pebble Steel as well. Stay tuned on Monday and we'll let you know when things are live!

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Pebble appstore set to hit iOS on Monday, Android to follow shortly


They have just said store, nothing about Android or IOS. I don't hold much hope for an Android release, why would they not test it on beta first?

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Most likely because they did not want someone to rip the apk and spread it around the internet. Yes I know this can be done on iOS but no where near as easy.

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I know! Gosh, I should've saved the picture while I had the chance! Well, at least I'm a registered developer!

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The Android Central post on G+ says Android to follow shortly after?

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Android will also launch on Monday. A developer told me he has received an email saying so.

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"2.0 is the app store" :)

While I was all excited by this tweet from @tnkgrl regarding the app store being released on Monday, reading more of her tweets and responses to customers regarding support BlackBerry (they're a dying platform) and Pebble missing the "end of the month" deadline for 2.0 release, I'm seriously considering returning my Pebble :( her attitude towards Pebble users seems very ungrateful.

I hope I'm wrong but I wasn't impressed with her exchange regarding releasing it Friday night as expected since it's done and ready because "it's worth waiting for until Monday morning" even though they had confirmed at the beginning of the week that it would be released by end of the month.
She follows that up with a picture of the world's smallest violin to a user who's complaining about the missed deadline and says to another "nope" in response to releasing it Friday to satisfy users instead of waiting for Monday. Yet in the same exchange she says they won't officially support BlackBerry devices because "they're a dying platform" and they "want to keep our focus razor sharp"
Not impressed at all.

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Anyone got the update yet? Its almost lunchtime and I can't see anything for Android yet :( @pebble has been quite all weekend and @tnkgrl has been quite since last night. Very BlackBerry-esque leading up to a software release lol although, BlackBerry has gotten better lately with meeting release dates.

Nothing that I can see in the iTunes app store (updated Jan 13th), or on Google Play (updated Oct 18th) to indicate it’s been updated. I'm considering two scenarios #1 the release drifts a day or two, #2 they seem to be California based so perhaps someone hasn't thrown the "switch" to push the new release yet since its only 9:30 A.M. Pacific time. The second is absolute conjecture on my part as I don't know what goes into pushing an update to the different app stores.

Edit: Well both are complete conjecture, but the second is double secret conjecture!