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Pebble firmware updated with some good fixes for bad problems

Pebble firmware update
By Phil Nickinson on 6 May 2014 10:27 pm

Pebble 2.0 has been a bit of a work in progress, and today that work continued with updates to its Android and iOS apps — as well as a full firmware update for the smartwatch itself. (And, yes, those of us on Android can now control Pandora via our Pebbles. So there's that, too.) Mostly bugfixes here, but important ones from the looks of it.

Here's the skinny:

The firmware update, which takes us to a full-on version 2.1, brings the following:

  • Notifications can be cleared via Settings » Notifications » Clear History.
  • Improved consistency of battery monitoring.
  • Improved Bluetooth reliability when reconnecting.
  • Fixed caller ID sometimes not displaying on outgoing calls.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Temperamental connections have been one of our biggest gripes the past few months, so those are good fixes to see.

Here's what's new in the specific apps: Android just got a quick fix for some crash-on-boot issues. And iOS was updated to support more Javascript apps.

And that, folks, is that. Download the app update from your respective app store. Then go to the support section of the app to update the watch's firmware.

Source: Pebble blog

Reader comments

Pebble firmware updated with some good fixes for bad problems


Hopefully this will fix my issue with the caller ID sometimes staying on my phone after I finish a call.

Hope this will fix that Gmail notifications don't show up for messages with no subject or no body.

Yay update! although my Kickstarter edition is still not working 100%...I think it's a bad segment in the memory...

Will this fix the issue with showing Exchange emails on the Pebble? Neither the app nor Pebble Notifier will work for this since 2.0.

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Odd, mine works fine and has since I purchased it (just before the app store came out for Android). I have updated to every version that came out via Play. I am using this with an S4, 4.4.2 rooted. IN PN, check "exchange services" and "email". I think one time (but it was an update or two after the 2.0 release) I had to uncheck and recheck and save in PN. But ya, it works fine.

Pebble should be thinking about a major update since Android Wear and iWatch would be launching soon and let's face it Pebble's software looks a bit of pale.

Been thinking about getting the Pebble Steel ... Still waiting to see what, if anything, Apple does this year though...

Thanks to the devs for updating the firmware and iOS app!

I'm still seeing issues with LE connection and also SmartStatus (status updating constantly).

I have to open the Smartwatch+ app on my phone, back out of the app on my Pebble, and open again to reconnect. Anyone else seeing this issue?

oh thank god the notifications bug was cleared. i thought it was a bug that notifications couldn't be cleared, i didn't know that the feature itself was missing. hmmm....nice and useful update pebble team.
you doing pretty good for now. :D