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Pebble hires former webOS designers to help create next-gen UI

By John Callaham on 18 Aug 2014 01:48 pm

Pebble has hired two former leaders of the webOS design team to help them create the next generation version of their user interface made for their wearable devices.

According to The Verge, Itai Vonshak will now be Pebble's new head of product and UX, while Liron Damir will take over as the company's head of design. Both men worked at HP on webOS and then followed the operating system to LG, where they worked to create the webOS-based user interface for the company's smart televisions.

It sounds like it may be a little while before we see Vonshak and Damir's work at Pebble publicly. In a brief chat with The Verge, Vonshak stated that their work with Pebble will focus on the company's product, but at the same time will also have a "a spirit of openness" as well. We are not quite sure what that means but we will certainly learn more about this development at Pebble in the months ahead. In the meantime, what do you think about these former webOS designers jumping ship to work at Pebble?

Source: The Verge

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Pebble hires former webOS designers to help create next-gen UI


Given that Android Wear has already hit and the iWatch is probably gonna hit next month, they probably should be a little further than hiring some dudes on their next gen products. It's not going to take much for Pebble to become a footnote in the history of wearables.

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If they are only starting to hire right now, they are at least 9 months farther back in design/development than I thought they were. This is not good for Pebble. Don;t get me wrong, I love my pebble, I wear it everywhere, but if they do not get their butt in gear, no amount of "love" will keep them afloat.

It is nice they are pulling from WebOS Devs, I liked WebOS, though never owned a device that used it.

I can only hope they have the hardware ready to go, and the general design for the Os ready, they just need someone to make it look pretty and functional. That is the only way I can see this news being good news.

I still think my old Palm Pre + had one of the best smartphone UIs I have ever used. I love that fact that Pebble is looking ahead and not sitting on the hands when it comes to the UI. Pebble has one major advantage that Android Wear and the iWatch will most likely never have, cross-platform compatibility.

Cool, I have a feeling the next generation of Pebble will be nothing like the current generation when it comes to the UI. As long as they keep ahold of their strengths like water resistance, outdoor visibility, battery life, buttons of some kind for muscle memory usage, and cross platform compatability.

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I didn't think my Pebble had or needed a different UI, the simplicity is why I have it over a new Android wear watch. The phone app on the other hand...

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This is a great sign, I like the part about being open to new ideas and hopefully that means allowing them the freedom to create and do their presentation for approval.

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