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Pebble sale now on at Amazon and Best Buy, get yours for just $119

By John Callaham on 5 Jun 2014 10:26 am

If you want to jump in on the growing smartwatch trend, you could be in luck today as both Amazon and Best Buy are currently holding a sale of the Pebble device. At the moment, the retailers are selling it for $119.99, a $30 savings compared to its normal price of $149.99.

There's no word on how long this price will stay active with these retailers, and it's unlikely that Pebble itself will have a price reduction on the smartwatch in the near future, so this might be a good opportunity to check out one of the most popular products in the wearable technology industry.

The sale comes hot on the heels of the latest Pebble firmware update which allows users to rearrange apps in the launcher. The volume in the Pebble music app can also be adjusted with this new update.

Does this $30 price reduction makes you want to purchase the Pebble, or maybe buy one for a friend if you already have one and like it?

Source: Amazon and Best Buy, via CNET

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Pebble sale now on at Amazon and Best Buy, get yours for just $119


I really have mixed feelings on the pebble. I got mine very early on in the Kickstarter, and while it didn't have a ton of features most of the v1.X firmware was very stable and did well with watchfaces and message notification.

Ever since the v2.0 pebble just can't seem to figure out things. I don't understand the reason for requiring so much server communication and lag in the app, and the watch has been very unstable. Anything that involves the accelerometer runs fine until you go to press any button on the watch and then theres a 50/50 chance it will lag and do what you wanted or lag and reboot. A friend asked me about getting one the other day, and I told him to wait for what comes this summer since v2 is so janky. I'm hoping they fix it, but at this point as a long time fan, I'm looking for a replacement for my pebble this year.

Really wish they would put Pebble Steel in retail stores. I don't care for the toy look of the original.

Tough to consider buying Pebble now (even though it is awesome but offers somewhat limited functionality) when we all know the Apple iWatch and the Android Wear smartwatches are around the corner. But....less is more...if u want a device for convenient notifications on your wrist, then consider Pebble. If u want added functionality where you can tell your Apple iWatch to control the music, open the garage door, change the thermostat, turn the lights off, lower the blinds, send messages, read messages aloud, set reminders and calendar appointments, send email, etc, and possible integrate with more, then wait for the Apple iWatch

The iWatch will probably be awesome. Unfortunately this may require the purchase of more hardware to automate your home.

I wish someone will buy for me. Hoho. When will Pebble Steel be on sale?

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