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Pebble Steel, Arctic White Pebble coming to Best Buy on June 15

Pebble Steel coming to Best Buy on June 15
By Joseph Keller on 11 Jun 2014 01:32 pm

The Pebble Steel smartwatch is coming to a Best Buy near you. Starting June 15, Pebble's premium smartwatch will be available at the big box retailer for $229, in both the brushed steel and matte black varieties. The watch will come with a leather strap. The price for the Pebble Steel on Pebble's website remains at $249.

Best Buy will also be adding a new color to it's original Pebble lineup. The Arctic White version of the Pebble will soon be available for $149, having originally been a retail exclusive at Target. Best Buy was the first physical retailer to start selling Pebble smartwatches almost a year ago.

Will you be picking up a Pebble Steel or Arctic White Pebble from Best Buy? Tell us below in the comments.

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Pebble Steel, Arctic White Pebble coming to Best Buy on June 15


Interesting but is it worth this much now that we know at least one Wear device is going to be cheaper?

I'm waiting to see what the Moto 360 has to offer before buying a Pebble Steel.
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I agree I would like to see what Moto and LG have to offer first, but it may be worthwhile to update my Kickstarter edition...

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I am tempted by Pebble steel, but that custom mount for the band is very limiting. I will stick with my original Pebble.

There haven't been any other options released, either! I don't like metal bracelets, and I need a brown band, not black. This is the type of issue companies can expect when they enter the wearables market because it is no longer just a computing device, it's part of fashion. They could have avoided this problem if they hadn't gone with a proprietary band that they have yet to even leverage for any profit.

That's a funny coincidence! I was just at Best Buy about to buy a Pebble and decided to hold off when the Steel goes in stores! I guess I'm getting mines the day it arrives at Best Buy.

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Already have a Pebble Steel Matte Black & love it. I don't need a color screen or any of the features that some of the new ones coming out will have. It does a lot of things & looks like a nice stylish watch. I don't wear it to draw attention to it like the LG and others seem like they will. I'd be afraid of getting robbed for it

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Pebble Steel Coming to Best Buy AND coming cheaper than what Pebble is charging...I just may finally have to take the leap and splurge on one!

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