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Pebble Steel now available for $229, as long as you only want the leather band

By Adam Zeis on 19 Mar 2014 10:10 pm

The Pebble Steel got a bit of a price drop today, perhaps related to yesterdays announcement of Android Wear (or maybe not, you be the judge). If you aren't looking to get a matching metal band with your Steel and are happy with just the leather option, you can grab either the Brushed Stainless or Black Matte version now for just $229.

It's not a huge price drop, but you can still save a few bucks if you're in the market for a Pebble Steel. The metal band is still our top choice between the two as well so it's hard to say if this a good option or not — that and it's on backorder so shipping will still be a few weeks off.

Regardless, if you're at all interested head over to Pebble for more info.

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Pebble Steel now available for $229, as long as you only want the leather band


It would be a deal if it had standard interchangeable band and you had an extra metal one laying around.

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I think the 'now available' needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. 'Can be ordered with a long wait' might be more appropriate.

Yes, I think the people, like me, waiting over 2 months for Watches they ordered 3 days after the Steel was announced are particularly unamused to see Pebble still behaving as if they are able to fulfill demand.

It's no longer possible to order the original setup with two straps, showing as unavailable. Must be a supply issue with the steel straps.

Well the biggest thing that gets me is that I need an least 2 black matte steel links to make mine fit a little looser but have no idea how to get any

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For Pebble's sake I hope they get their supply issue handled soon. If not most will lose interest once Smartwatch fever begins with the release of AndroidWear devices.

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But...... You cant get one they are on back order until moto 360,gear,and Google watches come out yah!

As much as I was really looking forward to getting my Black Matte Steel, I cancelled my order. There are too many smartwatches being announced right now. I don't want to wait months for a watch that will be obsolete soon. I see no reason to tie up $250.00 on my debit card for this long.

True, they don't charge you until it's shipped, BUT that is still $250.00 tied up in my checking account that I can't spend. I see pending charges on my debit card the same way as I see uncashed checks whenever I balance my checkbook.

Hi, here. For those in Europe interesting in getting Pebble Steel (with have the deluxe gift set with both Metal and Steel bands) available for immediate shipping.
Hope to see you there!

The company now need to start thinking about adopting a fresh strategy and go with Android Wear with a fresh product now they have their brand name. It would be sad to see a little guy who came from nowhere fall into purgatory purely because they couldn't keep up.