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Pebble Steel unboxing video!

By CrackBerry Kevin on 4 Feb 2014 11:19 pm

Following up on our hands-on "retail packaging" photos of the newly-released Pebble Steel, Phil Nickinson unboxed this bad boy in true smartwatch fan fashion. 

Pebble upped their game with the packaging of the Pebble Steel, targeting the feeling you'd get when you unbox a $5,000 luxury watch. Considering the Pebble Steel sells for only $249 in comparison, Phil was thoroughly impressed with the packaging and the unboxing experience. It's a big step up from "tech product" packaging, or the original Pebble's packaging for that matter. 

Interesting to note is that the Pebble Steel ships with the leather strap installed, and the brushed stainless steel band separate. This makes sense, as you can wear the leather strap immediately, but may need to take the steel strap into a watch shop so you can get the band adjusted to size. 

The Pebble logo on the front of the watch has been a point of contention among the webosphere, but in the video Phil makes the case that's it actually not so bad. This is a point I fully agree with. Every mechanical watch I own features a logo the face. Pebble putting their brand front and center makes sense, especially considering they've taken an early lead in the smartwatch race (along with Samsung and the Galaxy Gear) in terms of brand recognition.

Be sure to hit up the video above for almost four minutes of awesome smartwatch P0rn. Enjoy the show!!

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Reader comments

Pebble Steel unboxing video!


Video link doesn't seem to be working.

Wish I had my brushed pebble steel, I ordered the day it was announced but mine says mid-late Feb :(

Alright you've got a deal lol.
I will try to be patient.. I still have the original Pebble and OS 2.0 is pretty nice! I really like the Moveable app (only works with iPhone 5S). Hope Sonos is working on something!

nice box? the thing is dented all over the place and the first thing i noticed before you even commented about it. if you want to gush about packaging, google glass/frames packaging are impeccable!

Yeah, it's "aiming" for a luxury feel, but can't really compare it yet to a box that an Omega or Rolex or something would come in. Those boxes you keep forever. A box like this you'll keep... for a while, before you toss.

Agree that Google Glass boxes are nice, but they're not luxury. I actually got my new pair of Titanium Frame Google Glasses today. I'd call it CLEAN packaging, but not luxurious. I'll probably toss the box sooner than later. 

I love when the boxes are so nice that you never want to get rid of them. It's a collectable along with the product. This is definitely a good "low budget" execution of a nice box concept. Room to improve. Of course, $$ will go up too with that.

It it didn't look as masculine as it does, I'd get one. It's very slick looking though. I have the original white Pebble and a steel band won't go with it. I've seen someone put a black chain watchband on their black Pebble and it looks quite nice. I put a nice white leather strap on my white Pebble though.

Looks nice, but is it $100 nicer than the original? I have the original & really like it, wear it all the time, I see no need to upgrade as there is no difference on the inside.

Looks GREAT, I still like the Matte Black one. Might just order one, but I'm trying to hold on for the rumored iWatch

I'm using the original Pebble but this steel video is really making me want the upgrade! However, the functions are all the same, it just looks 100x's better. For me, Pebble Classic will do... Until...

... Google Now on my wrist. Make it happen Google. :-)

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